The clear shot is similar to the lob shot in other racket sports. The shuttle flies high and deep into your opponent's court, giving you time to get back into your ready position. It's especially useful when your opponent is forward.


1 Use quick shuffle steps to get behind the shuttle.
2 Lunge forward with your racket foot to reach the shuttle while it is low.
3 Hyperextend your wrist to cock your racket back. The racket should be behind your hand, with the head close to the ground.
4 Lead your swing with the butt of your racket.
5 Snap your wrist to generate power just before contact. Snap quick and hard, as late as possible. The wrist snap is the most important part of this stroke. Snapping as late as possible makes it hard for your opponent to figure out where your shot will go.
6 Contact the shuttle low with an open racket face. This launches the shuttle into a high trajectory, over the range of your opponent's racket.


7 Follow through upward and across your body.
8 Recover quickly to your ready position.

Tips & Warnings

Use this shot when your opponent is forward, to get him or her out of position while you get set to return.

This one of the few badminton strokes in which your racket foot is forward.

Make sure your shot goes well over the reach of your opponent's racket, otherwise you'll be setting him or her up for a smash.